Long Overdue Updates

I have not posted anything in a couple of months, and for good reason. Figured I should get something up to let everyone now how everything is progressing.

The book has taken a back seat the last few months due to multiple demands on my time. I work full time, raise two young kids (1&3 years old), have a wife who works full time, and for good measure I am simultaneously building two houses. My life consists of either being at the firehall, or not being at the firehall and yelling at contractors, then yelling at kids, then yelling at contractors, then hugging kids, then ordering supplies, then yelling at kids, then phoning contractors to warn them I am going to yell at them, then playing with kids. I also have to find time to cook top notch meals and cure bacon. Hopefully at the end of the day I have time and energy to spend with my lovely wife who is my absolute rock right now.

Also just got over a week long flu combined with insomnia. It was kind of like Disneyland if Disneyland had no rides, just long lines and people in motorized scooters driving over your feet.

All things are in a big crunch right now trying to get the exteriors done before we go into deep freeze any day. But both houses are about to start being drywalled which means things will simplify greatly. 

So with the sickness gone, the houses starting to come together, and some incredible help and insight from Mike Kesthely at Dynamic Nutrition, the end is in sight. Mike did a bunch of lab work for me in regards to my adrenals and diagnosed a few things and offered some great supplementation tips that is doing wonders for me right now. Mike is a brilliant guy who fuels many top athletes, but also does great work with average people. If you need individualized dietary advice (and most of us would benefit from that) contact him and let him work his magic.

Despite the fact that I am not writing or editing at the moment, it does not mean that I am not researching. Still reading a ton and learning more everyday. Much of what I have learned that last few months has led me to a newer approach on my recommendations and stance on diet. Sifting through endless heaps of vegan propaganda and bullshit has wound me up and made me realize that I need to be taking a harder stance, one that will definitely be more polarizing. I do not care what diet people decide to eat, but there are an inordinate amount of vegans who want to ram their beliefs down your throat. Meat eaters need a voice, a reason to stand up and be proud that they follow the natural order of life. Organic matter; all forms of it; must be broken down and reused in order for life to continue. Life follows death. All organisms, both plant and animal, must follow this. We have to stop peoples’ misled consciences and political leanings from clouding our thoughts and leading us to poorer health. We need to start a movement that makes it clear to all people the healthiest diet for a human being, one that leads to the highest level of function as a human, is one that involves meat. I may piss off every vegan in the world, but I want to make meat eaters proud for being what they are. I want to create strong, healthy, and motivated men and women. I want my 65 year old men to be able to hand a 25 year old vegan his ass.

High quality vegetables is still the central part of the diet, but meat will be the focal point of my message. Embrace your omnivorousness.

So as things settle down in the next few months there will be a lot more activity. Book will be completed soon and website will be launched. At that point we will start trying to change the world, or at least infuriate every weak, overly vocal plant based advocate. Hopefully it will culminate with a large “China Study” book burning while Campbell and Ornish get publicly stripped of their MD’s.¬†

Trials are still ongoing and I still have people contact me on a regular basis to start up. If you know of anyone who would be interested, have them email me.

For those still ongoing with the trials, drop me a line if I have not heard from you in a while.