The Human Lifestyle is a soon-to-be released lifestyle design program. It works off the belief that your default state is lean and healthy, and that by normalizing your endocrine system you will return there. We follow a paleo style template for foods, but focus also on daily rhythms to maximize results. We embrace our natural role as omnivores and recognize that optimal health and function comes from a diet that contains high quality meats. Program begins with a 30 day Reboot Diet, and is followed by two more phases.

Results have come quickly for trials (currently and average of 12.4 lbs the first month), and the majority stick with the plan long term.

The program is designed to work for specific needs as well. There is advice for individual groups including weight loss, lean gains, getting lean, and new mothers.

If you have any interest in being part of the ongoing 100% free trials, please email me ryan@thehumanlifestyle.com


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